Women’s Health

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Contraception should be your personal choice.

It is a decision you will live for your whole life, therefore the decision should come from you, not your Unanderra Doctor. However, before you make the decision, spare your time to consider some of the following options:

  1. Combined oral contraceptive
  2. Mini pill
  3. Rhythm method
  4. Diaphragm
  5. Mirena intra uterine system
  6. Condoms
  7. Implanon sub dermal implant
  8. Emergency contraceptive pill
  9. Depo-ralovera injections
  10. Nuvaring

Unanderra Family Doctors IUD Removal

Implanon Implant

This implant contains a 40-mm semi-rigid rod. With 2 mm in diameter, this implant has enough space to contain 68 mg of Etonogestrel. Within 3 years of use, this device will release a small amount of this substance continuously, which turns to be a perfect solution if you hate taking pills.

Gardasil HPV Vaccine

This vaccine works against HPV genotype 11, 18, 16, and 6. In order to get this vaccine works, you need to take the initial three doses before any exposure to HPV or sexual contact. This vaccine can help you reduce the risk for suffering from HPV-associated cancers, including vulva, anus, oropharynx, cervix, vagina, oral vacuity, genital warts, and penis.

Menstrual Concerns

Premenstrual syndrome, absence of periods, irregular periods, and heavy bleeding are just some common issues women experience with their menstrual cycle. Please consult with your Unanderra Family Doctor to investigate the issue and find the best treatment.

Sexual Health Issues

For your healthy life, Unanderra Family Doctors will gladly provide any helpful sexual health advice you need, including:

  1. Discreet STD test (sexually transmitted disease) which also includes suggested treatment plan (for any proof of evidence)
  2. Pregnancy advice
  3. Sexual Health Check Certificate of Attendance


While men can also suffer from infertility, women suffer the most from both of its psychological and medical effects. The causes may vary from age, undiagnosed STD infections, hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, irregular cycle, and polycystic ovary syndrome. Our doctors will undertake complete investigations as necessary steps to determine the cause and treatment for the disease.

Pap Smears

This test allows us to recognize any possible abnormality in your cervix cells. This test serves as early detection system, keeping you from any risk of cervical cancer in the future. We recommend you to taking this test every 2 years for the best protection.

Breast Checks

Pre Pregnancy Advice

Every women dreams to hold a baby, but do not ruin this dream just because you know a little about being pregnant. Keep yourself healthy by consulting with your Unanderra Medical Practitioner about any possible health issues, medications during pregnancy, managing any of your illnesses, and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Perinatal Care


For your own record, menopause may affect your life. You may suffer from night sweats, frequent mood changes, irregular periods, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, itchy skin, osteoporosis, difficulty in sleeping, headaches, and even sexual discomfort. With our latest Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), our doctor may help you to manage the issue and provide you a life you have been dreaming.

For further information about this health check, one of our friendly customer care representative should be able to assist you to get further information. Please make an appointment today and come into our Unanderra Doctor bulk billing General Medical Practice and Surgery to discuss how we can help.

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